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Senior Personal Training with Longevity Health and Fitness.

Ageing is a natural process which comes with many age-related effects such as the loss of muscle mass and strength, and reduction in bone mineral density. The loss of bone and muscle as we age can have detrimental effects on our bodies, how they function and how we perform daily activities in later life. Keeping as active as possible, with the correct type of training for you can improve your chances of maintaining and improving muscle mass, strength, and bone mineral density. This will reduce the chances of sarcopenia and osteoporosis.

It is vital to also improve balance to reduce the risk of falls and fractures in later life.

Our personal training specific for seniors is tailored to improve your general health and fitness and highlight areas of improvement. We also want to ensure that age is no barrier, from over 60’s and with our eldest lady 96 years of age, there really are no barriers.

From £65

From £65 per session, available as a home visit or an online appointment’

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