Using exercise as medicine.

We use exercise as an effective tool to improve health and fitness, manage illnesses and conditions and educate individuals. We aspire to motivate people from every walk of life to embark on their personal health and fitness journey regardless of their health and fitness status, age or demographic.

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About Longevity Health

Where it started

Longevity Health and Fitness was founded to bridge the gap between both the medical sector and fitness industry- specialising in chronic diseases management.

We offer personal training, clinical exercise and personalised training programmes for any client, regardless of your ability, age or goal.

Our approach is what makes us special

At Longevity Health and Fitness, we work to prescribe clinical exercise to prevent, manage and improve medical conditions, using an “exercise as medicine” approach.

Our Services

Clinical Exercise Sessions

Home/Garden · Private Gym · Remotely on Zoom

Clinical exercise is more important than ever before, helping those living with a chronic illness better manage, improve and prevent their conditions from worsening. Clinical exercise can improve longevity, quality of life overall health.

Personal Training

Home/Garden · Private Gym · Remotely on Zoom

Personal training is more than just an hours training session, it is another milestone you have achieved on your journey and really is for anyone, regardless of your goal. We offer personal training in a private gym, as a home/garden service or remotely on zoom.

Training Programmes

Bespoke Training Programmes

Our bespoke training programmes are for those who would like to follow a structured exercise programme but may not be sure on how long they should exercise for, how many times a week or the type of exercise they should be doing. All training programmes are individual to the client and their work schedule, home life and other commitments/lifestyle factors.

Group Exercise

Group Exercise classes via Zoom

Group Exercise classes are currently being held on zoom. These classes are great for those that would still like to workout in a group environment, from the comfort of their home or may be struggling with motivation to work out from home. All classes are tailored for different abilities, and will include progressions and regression.

Than the price of these classes will be £5 and they can be booked by contacting us directly.

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Our Qualifications

V. Anderson

What our clients say...

Since working with Victoria I have found my fitness levels to improve tremendously. Victoria provides a variety of different exercises for me based on my changing needs. I have been very impressed with her attitude to work and total commitment to improving my overall health.

Patrick (89)

Private Client

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